April 27, 2015

Item #12 Fine Art ~ Mosaic Cat Sculpture

COCO, named and signed [2007] by the artist, Laura WinzelerThis is truly a beautiful and very special piece. It is fine art called Pique Assiette, French for "stolen plate".  A folk art from different cultures and varied time periods, pique assiette is a form of "recycling" bits of glass, pottery, china, jewelry, gemstones, and crockery into striking, yet functional home art. Each and every piece is unique and one of a kind.  As is COCO above, with a height of approximately 18-19" and a width about 13-14". 
The size of the piece can be seen in the photos (top left) of Zoey, on top of a cabinet leaning towards Coco hanging on our living room wall.
The photos do not do justice to the color and detail of this art piece.  When displayed so it will catch sunlight, it is a gorgeous addition to any home ~ reflecting and throwing bits of color and light about the room much as a stained glass window might do.  The piece was originally purchased directly from the artist, at a retail price of $200.00.  I can no longer display it in my home, there is no appropriate place for it, it is in perfect condition.  Because of size and weight, and detail on the piece, shipping may be costly and I do not advise overseas bidding/shipping.   I realize the suggested starting bid is high, but the piece is well worth it, and this auction is for a very good cause!


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